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Jake Jakubowski Producer | Director

Jake Jakubowski is an independent producer and director of documentaries, best known for the Williams Syndrome documentary titled The Mayor. Also, Jake is a Wikipedian creating articles with a focus on the state of Maine.


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Jake Jakubowski

Jake Jakubowski has been a freelance web designer since 1998, and has worked in video production since 1991. Video Production is his passion and he is always looking for a new project. Jake currently lives in Brunswick Maine and is always available.

He started out with video production in High School, directing a local cable access show, He then became a video editor for WFSB Channel 3 in Hartford, CT. Moving on up, Jake started producing, video tapping and editing local commercials for Cox Media, and training videos for the Edible Arrangements corporate office.

Around this time, realizing that a lot of the video production jobs were being consolidated, he took it upon himself to learn the languages of the world wide web; HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and was the owner of Maine Street Web Design in Brunswick, Maine. He sold the business in 2023

Jake now enjoys writing Wikipedia articles focusing on the people, places and history of Maine.

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Three Time Telly Award Winner

Jake Jakubowski is a three time finalist of the Telly Award, in the category of Use of Music (2001, 2003, 2005)

Eagle Award - Boy Scout of America (1992)

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Jake Jakubowski, under the name DMJ Productions [1], directs and produces independent documentaries and releases them for free on his youtube channel. No money is made from these documentaries.

Jake just is just getting started and has produced his first documentary called, THE MAYOR: A Chronicle of Williams Syndrome, with Josh Duffy. This project was a year in the making, during a pandemic, and I couldn't be more proud of this accomplishment.

Take a look at the trailer and if you like it, watch the full video on YouTube.

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Video Production

Producer / Director

DMJ Productions

Documentary Film Maker

2021 - Present

Brunswick, ME

Video Producer

Edible Arrangements International

2008 - 2012

Wallingford, CT

Producer / Director

Cox Media

1999 - 2006

Manchester, CT

Video Editor

WFSB Channel 3


Hartford, CT

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Web Design

Web Designer

Maine Street Web Design

2014 - 2023

Brunswick, ME

Web Designer

iCONN Creations

1998 - 2014

Manchester, CT


Time Machine Hobby

2006-2008 / 2012 - 2013

Manchester, CT